Batavia Kill


The Batavia Kill watershed is located within three different townships: Middletown and Roxbury in Delaware County, and Halcott in Greene County. The drainage area of the Batavia Kill is approximately 19.3 square miles and the mainstem is 10.4 stream miles from the headwaters to the confluence with the East Branch Delaware River mainstem.

Roxbury Run, Denver and Vega are small population centers located in this sub-basin. There are two reaches in the basin where the valley is “pinched”. The rest of the management units have valleys that are broad to very broad. The land use is predominately forested with some agricultural fields. The average annual rainfall in the watershed can range from 37-41 inches/year at the lower portion to 41-49 inches/year in the headwaters. The Dry Brook mainstem is a fourth order stream. There are numerous unnamed tributaries and two major tributaries that enter the mainstem: Bed Hollow and Buffalo Hollow.

CLICK HERE to access the Batavia Kill portion of the EAST BRANCH DELAWARE STREAM MANAGEMENT PLAN (scroll to page #65)


Current access includes NYCDEP lands on George Lawrence Road – hear the headwaters of the Batavia Kill.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS the BATAVIA KILL portion of the Upper East Branch Delaware Recreational Access Plan

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