Dry Brook


Dry Brook access at Chris Long Rd

Dry Brook Public Fishing Rights (PFR) near Chris Long Rd

The Dry Brook watershed is located within three different townships: the Town of Middletown in Delaware County, and the Towns of Shandaken and Hardenburgh in Ulster County. Arkville is the only population center in this sub-basin.

Dry Brook is a fifth order stream withthree major tributaries that enter the mainstem: Bush Kill, Rider Hollow,and Haynes Hollow. Numerous unnamed tributaries that have a small drainage area also contribute to themainstem. Bush Kill and Dry Brook merge together approximately 1 mile upstream of where Dry Brook enters the East Branch mainstem. The drainage area of Dry Brook is approximately 82.3 square miles and the mainstem is 12.5 stream miles in length from the headwaters to the confluence with the East Branch Delaware River mainstem.

The valley is generally broad to very broad and the valley side slopes are very steep with high run-off potential soils, making this watershed prone to flash flooding. The land use is predominately forested, with some agricultural fields interspersed. The average annual rainfall in the watershed can range from 37-39 inches/year at the lower portion to 55-57 inches/year in the headwaters.



CLICK HERE TO ACCESS the DRY BROOK portion of the Upper East Branch Delaware Recreational Access Plan

2 Responses to Dry Brook

  1. This streambed is posted along it entire length by a wealthy NYC family (probably the Gould family), although the signs along it don’t revealed this fact. Even families who own homes along the stream can’t access it in their own backyards. How do you propose to open sections of it for public use?

    • John

      There are PFR’s (public fishing rights) along both sides of the entire lower reach (before entering the East Branch) – problem is that nobody knows about it! Part of this project is simply bringing attention to the fact that there is already some access!
      http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/pfrbushkill.pdf (NYSDEC calls the Dry Brook from Arkville down the Bush Kill (as opposed to what most folks, including me, which is the BusH Kill flows into the Dry Brook, rather than the other way around….)

      There may be an opportunity at the old church in Dry Brook too for access. we’ll see

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