East Branch Headwaters


The East Branch headwaters are located within two townships in Delaware County: Middletown and Roxbury. Roxbury and Halcottsville are the population centers within this sub-basin.
The East Branch headwater is a fourth order stream. Bragg Hollow, Meeker Hollow, Pleasant Valley Brook, Montgomery Hollow, and numerous unnamed tributaries enter the East Branch headwaters. Tributaries within this sub-basin seem to have minimal impact on stream health and appear to be fairly stable. Tributaries that are near highly populated areas are more likely to have been straightened and maintained. The East Branch headwaters are 14.7 stream miles long from the upper reaches to the East Branch mainstem, draining approximately 49.66 square miles. The land use is predominately residential along the majority of the headwaters. The average annual rainfall in the watershed can range from 37-39 inches/year in the lower reaches to 39-45 inches/year in the upper reaches.

CLICK HERE to access the East Branch Headwaters portion of the EAST BRANCH DELAWARE STREAM MANAGEMENT PLAN (scroll to page #103)


Access to the headwaters of the East Branch Delaware is already very good thanks to the Catskill Scenic Trail – maintained by the Catskill revitalization Corporation / Delaware and Ulster Rail Road.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS the Headwaters portion of the Upper East Branch Delaware Recreational Access Plan

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  1. Do you have a trail map available that shows where the Catskill Scenic Trail goes from Archville to Grand Gorge? If so, I would appreciate receiving a copy. Thanks

    John Mordock
    52 Old Farms Road
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

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