Tremper Kill


The Tremper Kill watershed is located within three different townships: Andes, Bovina, and Delhi in Delaware County. One population center, Andes, is located within this watershed.

The Tremper Kill mainstem is a fourth order stream. In addition to numerous unnamed tributaries, there are seven major tributaries that enter the mainstem which include Bussey Hollow, Campbell Hollow, Wolf Hollow, Liddle Brook, State Road Hollow, Gladstone Hollow and Bullet Hole. The drainage area of Tremper Kill is approximately 33.52 square miles and the total stream length is 10.5 stream miles from the headwaters to the Pepacton Reservoir. The Tremper Kill mainstem length is 7.1 miles from the Pepacton Reservoir to where it meets with Gladstone Hollow in the Hamlet of Andes.

Ballantine Park in Andes

The valley width is generally broad to very broad with one section that is narrow. The land is predominately forested with some
agricultural fields. The average annual rainfall in the watershed can range from 37-43 inches/year.

CLICK HERE to access the Tremper Kill portion of the EAST BRANCH DELAWARE STREAM MANAGEMENT PLAN (scroll to page #25)


Ballantine Park in the hamlet of Andes, and a NYCDEP-owned access close to the Pepacton Reservoir at Shavertown are clearly the best existing access points to this beautiful stream.

Hike & Ski right from town center! – Andes Rail Trail website

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS the TREMPER KILL portion of the Upper East Branch Delaware Recreational Access Plan

2 Responses to Tremper Kill

  1. John Mordock says:

    Where is the NYCDEP access to the Tremper KIll, other than walking upstream from the reservoir? I have been unable to find an access point along Tremperskill Road (Ct. Rd. 1), The land is fenced along the road!

    • John,

      There is a newly-acquired NCDEP parcel about halfway between the reservoir and Andes – believe it will be called the Tremperkill Unit. Has about 1,200′ of frontage on the stream. Haven’t seen a mapy of it yet, but will get it soon.

      Access also at Ballantine Park in Andes (headwaters) and potentiall access at the Andes Fire Department and the WasteWater Treatment Plant property.

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