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Make sure your community leaders know that they are eligible to access grant monies to implement recreational access projects!

Delaware Watershed Stream Management Grant Program

Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District (DCSWCD) along with NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) and Delaware County Planning Department developed two comprehensive Stream Corridor Management Plans (SCMPs) for the West Branch Delaware River (2006) and the East Branch Delaware River (2007). The development of each management plan was guided by project advisory committees consisting of local officials, residents, businesses, and agencies living and working in the watershed. The materials created through this detailed assessment and planning process can now be used as a tool for municipal officials, residents and other interested parties to manage streams consistent with science-based principles.

Funding for projects and programs within the NYC Delaware River watersheds are made available to participating municipalities for construction projects and non-construction programs that implement the goals and objectives of the plans.

Who is eligible for assistance from the Stream Management Grant Program? – Local municipality that has adopted the respective SCMP or a 501c-3 Not For Profit Corporation with a letter of support from a host municipality that has adopted the respective SCMP.

 What projects or programs are eligible? – Projects or programs that are located within the Delaware Basin Watersheds and the municipality has adopted the appropriate Stream Corridor Management Plans. The Municipality must have a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the DCSWCD. Projects or programs must follow the Recommendations of the SCMP’s, the East and West Branch Delaware Action Plans, and the Stream Stewardship Principles.

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